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Kroogal - Static C/C++ code analysis tool.

Kroogal is a static C/C++ code analysis and quality assurance tool which helps programmers identify and fix issues in the source code. The standalone tool analyses complete source code modules and reports results clearly, identifying the file and location of the issue. Kroogal can run thousands of different checks and can help identify severe issues such as memory leaks, segmentation faults and divisions by zero. It can also identify less severe issues such as typos, readability improvements and even suggest performance optimisations. Once these issues are identified, developers can easily refactor the code and improve overall code quality and maintenance. Although not strictly required, the code should be in a compilable state to reduce the amount of errors and false positives.

Kroogal allows extensive configuration to reduce the amount of false positives. Warnings can be deactivated and files can be filtered by name. The tool can also be easily integrated into existing CI systems such as Jenkins to continuously monitor and track code quality.

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